About Daniel and Timea

Professional studio personal portraits and business headshots, a

Both Timea and I were born in the beautiful Transylvanian region of Romania, in a small city at the base of the Carpathian Mountains. 

A little more than a decade ago, we got married and life brought us to Washington State, at this other end of the Earth. Here, we found that it is as breathtaking, welcoming, and warm as those places where we grew up.

Since then, we have been relentless in exploring the Pacific Northwest. Its peaks and valleys, its rivers and beaches, meadows and forests, and anything and everything that we could find time to go see. 

Not too long into this adventure, we started lugging pounds of photo equipment up and down the hill. We quickly became interested in capturing the essence of why we like to go back out there, over and over again.

With time, that passion grew, and, as we got more refined with our photography, we realized that we also enjoy photographing people. Us humans, with our intricate expressions, are, on a smaller scale, as exciting as those big vistas.

We then started a photography company to follow our passion for people and to explore the fine art of portrait making. That's how Northwest Clicks was born.

To stay true to our outdoorsy nature, we're super excited to be able to share our stories and nature photography right here on our blog.

We hope you enjoy browsing it, as much as we do posting.


Daniel and Timea K. Zilcsak

Photo by: Flo Damian

Photo by: Flo Damian