A Camera That's Also a Smartphone, and Not the Other Way Around

Did Kodak just invite us to start carrying a camera that's also a smartphone, instead of the other way around? Not just any camera, but one that carries the Ektra brand and, with it, the entire legacy of an iconic company that has been around since the early days of photography?

Well, they managed to peak my interest with the clean, classic industrial design!

Ingrid Lunden, writing for techcrunch.com, describes it very well:

Outside, the phone has made some design choices that borrow a little kitsch from old cameras: the lens is large, positioned to the side and intentionally sticks out. When you hold the phone horizontally, there is a physical “shutter” button with the Kodak “K” that you press to take pictures.
The casing itself has a curved edge, similar to what a film-based camera might have had to hold its film roll. The whole device is also encased in a leatherette covering, reminiscent of the outside of old, classic 35mm cameras.
The covers that the company is also making to fit with this phone come in a basic sleeve that I found a little stiff, and a clip-on cover that goes around your neck, borrowing again from classic camera design. Both are made in leather.

As a long time iPhone user, the proposition is not enticing enough to have me switch. Besides that gorgeous classic camera look, the phone is just a phone.

But how about those of you invested in the Android ecosystem? Are you considering it, should they sell it in the US?